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About Zander Insurance
For over 20 years I have worked personally with Dave Ramsey, his listeners and team members to help them make important and informed decisions about their insurance needs and the most cost effective ways to address them. Over the years we have received a tremendous amount of letters and emails complimenting our staff on the excellent service they provided. Many clients have shown their appreciation by sharing their stories and first hand experiences. I am so proud of our employees and want to recognize their hard work and dedication to Dave's listeners. Please feel free to submit your own stories or reviews and we will be happy to share them.

− Jeff Zander

Helpful, Kind, Followed Through

2021 March 29
by zanderins

Had a great experience with Zander. They were helpful, kind and followed through with me. Thanks, Zander!

-Alex F.

Anything They Offer, Great Company

2021 March 15
by zanderins

Life insurance quotes, identity theft, anything else they offer, great company. -Theodore B.

Very Informative

2021 March 8
by zanderins

Very informative. I was never without open information concerning coverage and rates.

-Edward N.

Well-recommended, Customer Service Very Pleasant

2021 March 1
by zanderins

My cousin suffered identity theft and years afterwards he is still suffering the after-effects.  Identity theft apparently affects more than the moment.  It affects the future.  It is also one of the most difficult and tedious problems to fix.  Watching my cousin grapple with the after-effects of having his identity stolen, is what got me to buy Zander Insurance.  And it comes well-recommended, and the customer service was very pleasant.

-Sarah M.

Education with No Condescension

2021 February 22
by zanderins

I use Zander for identity theft insurance. Every time I call with a question or concern pertaining to identity theft, the representatives are extremely polite and helpful. I always receive an education but with absolutely no condescension on the part of the reps. It’s hard to believe they provide so much personal service for such a small annual fee.

-Paula C.

Kind, Professional, and Helpful

2021 February 15
by zanderins

The Representatives at Zander Insurance are kind, professional, and helpful. I am so thankful to have their help. I would highly recommend their identity theft protection plan.

-Ariel Y.

Very Responsive, Easy to Reach

2021 February 8
by zanderins

Very responsive when changes were needed. Easy to reach via phone or email. Highly recommended!

-Joseph A.

Remarkable, Knowledgeable, Caring and Professional!

2021 February 1
by zanderins

Y’all are remarkable, knowledgeable, caring and professional! Thank you for providing such a valuable service and resource!

-Asle A.

Good people

2021 January 25
by zanderins

These are good people. Top notch company.

-Gary L.

Very Reasonable Rates and Very Knowledgeable

2021 January 18
by zanderins

Awesome people to deal with. Very reasonable rates and very knowledgeable. I spoke with Thomas about life insurance and he was a great help.

-John V.