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About Zander Insurance
For over 20 years I have worked personally with Dave Ramsey, his listeners and team members to help them make important and informed decisions about their insurance needs and the most cost effective ways to address them. Over the years we have received a tremendous amount of letters and emails complimenting our staff on the excellent service they provided. Many clients have shown their appreciation by sharing their stories and first hand experiences. I am so proud of our employees and want to recognize their hard work and dedication to Dave's listeners. Please feel free to submit your own stories or reviews and we will be happy to share them.

− Jeff Zander

Great Rate for a Time Period I Needed

2020 September 21
by zanderins

I am an older dad (65)! I have 4 kids ranging 21 to 14. I wanted coverage outside of work that would help pay all my debts because I don’t plan on working fulltime past 71. Most companies want to tell you ” just answer these health questions and if you pass you have coverage”! In some cases ” pre-existing conditions don’t disqualify you”. those words cost you money! Take the time and go through the paramed exam and health background check! I got a great rate for the effort and for a time period I needed!

-Elwyn H.

Walked Me Through Putting a Credit Freeze

2020 September 14
by zanderins

I had several questions after receiving an e-mail that one of my e-mail addresses and information had been detected on the dark web. My questions were answered and Chris walked me through putting a credit freeze through Experian and gave the phone numbers to call for the other credit reporting agencies.

-D. Huff

Peace of Mind is Worth $13 a Month!

2020 September 8
by zanderins

We thought we may have had some fraudulent bank charges but I had peace of mind knowing I had Zander ID theft protection in place. Luckily we didn’t end up having to make a claim but the peace of mind is worth the $13 a month! My husband and I both have monitoring set up for our bank accounts, phone numbers, emails and credit cards. Definitely gives us a lot of peace of mind in this day and age. Customer service has been easy to get ahold of and helpful too 🙂

-Christine G.

Everything Was Done Over the Phone

2020 September 3
by zanderins

Zander Insurance made it really easy to not only find the perfect insurance company but to also apply and ultimately get the best term insurance for me. I would definitely recommend Zander to any of my friends. I thought it was going to be an overwhelming process but everything was done over the phone. I was also able to do an at home medical exam which was great since I was not wanting to go out to a clinic during COVID.

-Stephanie S.

Walked Me through the Process and Gave Me Options

2020 August 24
by zanderins

Great experience! Heard about them through Dave Ramsey’s show. They walked me through the insurance application process and gave me some options to think about. Very easy experience and I know I can contact them if I have any questions about my policy in the future. Definitely recommend Zander Insurance!

-Keka I.

Listened Carefully and Saved Us Money

2020 August 17
by zanderins

I had a great experience! Carrie listened carefully to what we needed from our new policies. Shortly after our phone call, she had found us great coverage AND saved us a substantial amount of money. We are so thankful!

-Tracy A.

We Never Felt Like We Were in the Dark

2020 August 10
by zanderins

Every person we talked to at Zander was not super helpful and super nice! They followed up with us frequently, so we never felt like we were in the dark throughout the process of acquiring life insurance, and always felt informed. It was also a very easy process with Zander–they make it very easy to find the right insurance company and policy for what you need. I HIGHLY recommend using them.

-Cori H.

Very Kind and Helpful

2020 August 5
by zanderins

Everyone I had contact with at Zander was very kind and helpful. Even amidst the pandemic craziness, I was able to get information I needed in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend.

-Julie S.

Excellent, Prompt, Professional

2020 July 28
by zanderins

Zander insurance is excellent as far as I am concerned. I have been a member for a number of years. Last Monday I received a notice from them that I needed to “log in” as I had received an alert regarding the Dark Web, and two other alerts. Zander was immediate in my working with a customer service representative who was clearly professional and very polite. She was able to resolve my issues quickly to my satisfaction. I gave the highest ratings to all of the questions that were asked of me.

In essence, the services that were rendered were excellent. There were three alerts (notifications) from Zander, each had given me concerns at the outset. With help I reviewed each of the three alerts with my customer representative and found out promptly found that I was protected with each alert. The customer service representative explained everything why and how, and I was totally satisfied. Please understand that I rarely write reviews, as others would know, but when I feel excellence I honor it.

-Richard G.

They Shop Lowest Rates for You

2020 July 27
by zanderins

They give great customer service! At renewal time, they shop for the lowest rates for you, where else do they do that?

-Alvin J.