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About Zander Insurance
For almost 15 years I have worked personally with Dave Ramsey, his listeners and team members to help them make important and informed decisions about their insurance needs and the most cost effective ways to address them. Over the years we have received a tremendous amount of letters and emails complimenting our staff on the excellent service they provided. Many clients have shown their appreciation by sharing their stories and first hand experiences. I am so proud of our employees and want to recognize their hard work and dedication to Dave's listeners. Please feel free to submit your own stories or reviews and we will be happy to share them.

− Jeff Zander

“I know my wife and I are with the right company for our future insurance needs.”

2015 September 4

This is the first time in my life where I have gone through the exercise of calling multiple insurance companies and agencies to get quotes on our autos and home…ten to be exact.  It has been an interesting and to be honest,  somewhat of a headache type of an experience.  Zander was actually my last inquiry, scrolling the internet and came across your company…again compliments to you on your professionalism and positive attitude.

If everyone else at Zander is like you, I know my wife and I are with the right company for our future insurance needs.

T. Greene

“Your ID Theft protection gives me peace of mind.”

2015 August 17
by zanderins

I am just writing to tell you how much peace of mind your ID Theft insurance gives that is only reinforced by the staff I speak to on the phone. I only speak to them once in a while when I forget to update my debit card and they call but this last time, because there was an attempt by someone to use my card in another city and my credit union cancelled it and issued a new number, I was able to ask your representative if I needed to do anything more with your company. I was assured that unless there were fraudulent charges made then I  would okay just to watch my bank transactions for anything unusual. Your people are very friendly, even if it is just to remind me to update my payment information.

Thank you.

K. Lysek

“I’m extremely impressed with the service I received from Zander.”

2015 July 6
by zanderins

Just want to say that I have been extremely impressed with the service I received from Zander from start to finish. I have nothing but the highest praise for each person I worked with.  The communication was phenomenal.

L. Coss

Zander is the best!

2015 May 28
by zanderins

Thanks!  Your customer service is the best! I really appreciate it!!

A. Bracci

“You really went above and beyond.”

2015 April 21
by zanderins

I just wanted to thank you for all you did to get me the best price available.  You really went above and beyond what was required to mediate between Savings Bank and me.  At times, I felt like I was being a real burden to you with all my questions and concerns, but you always responded to me with a cheery email and you always seemed to understand and help with my frustration.  Thank you so much for all you did!

C. Peters


“Love the rate we received!”

2015 April 6
by zanderins

We have Zander life insurance and love the rate we received.  We look forward to hearing from Zander regarding other insurance as well.

With Much Appreciation!

S. Myers


“You have been very helpful and communicative.”

2015 April 1
by zanderins

I feel confident that my policy is in good shape. I appreciate your attentiveness to this issue. You have been very helpful and communicative.

J. Pratt

“I feel relief knowing my family is protected.”

2015 March 31
by zanderins

Thank you Dave Ramsey for recommending Term Life Insurance. I was approved by Zander and feel relief knowing my family is protected!

D. Frigo

“Thanks for your excellent service.”

2015 March 31
by zanderins

Thanks for your excellent service!  I have received nothing but the best customer service since transferring all of my insurance to Zander.

M. Thompson

“Zander was wonderful to work with.”

2015 March 24
by zanderins

Zander was wonderful and absolutely fantastic to work with!  I will be recommending them to everyone I know!

L. Walker