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About Zander Insurance
For almost 15 years I have worked personally with Dave Ramsey, his listeners and team members to help them make important and informed decisions about their insurance needs and the most cost effective ways to address them. Over the years we have received a tremendous amount of letters and emails complimenting our staff on the excellent service they provided. Many clients have shown their appreciation by sharing their stories and first hand experiences. I am so proud of our employees and want to recognize their hard work and dedication to Dave's listeners. Please feel free to submit your own stories or reviews and we will be happy to share them.

− Jeff Zander

“We appreciate your efforts on our behalf. Thank you.”

2014 April 18
by zanderins

Thank you so much for the update and I appreciate that you are monitoring the progress of the underwriters! My wife and I have been very pleased with the quality of service your company upholds and you have been exceptionally easy to work with.  We appreciate your efforts on our behalf!  Thank you.

James from Oklahoma

“I’m so glad I finally called Zander and got great coverage!”

2014 April 16

I can’t believe I waited 22 years to change insurance providers! I never felt pressured or up-sold into something I didn’t want or need.  I am so glad I finally made the call and got great coverage for a LOT LESS!

Thom from Nashville

“We will definitely recommend your insurance group to others.”

2013 October 31

Our Long Term Care representative was knowledgeable, patient and professional.  He spent several hours with us determining which long term health care would best meet our needs. He sent quotes, did phone conferences and very quickly and efficiently answered ALL of our many questions by telephone and email. He has been in contact through the whole process. We came to your insurance group through Dave Ramsey and will definitely recommend you to others.

Wayne and Christine

“You saved me over $800 on my auto and homeowners insurance.”

2013 September 6

I love Zander Insurance!  You guys are the best. You saved me over $800 on my auto and homeowners insurance. I will recommend you to all my friends!”

- John Teller

“Zander has above and beyond phenomenal customer service…”

2013 July 25
by zanderins

Thank you to ALL Zander’s staff, you guys are really professional, and I am happy to have found you by listening to Mr. Dave Ramsey’s teaching. Zander has above and beyond phenomenal customer service and I feel I can definitely count on you, no doubt!

Thank You,


“You almost doubled your coverage for the same money…”

2012 September 27
by zanderins

Listen as Corey from Los Angeles calls into The Dave Ramsey Show and explains his experience with switching to Zander Insurance.

“I was able to take [my coverage] from $500,000 to $2Million and save $400 bucks a month…”

2012 September 27
by zanderins

Listen as Vincent from New York City calls into The Dave Ramsey Show and explains how much he gained and saved when switching to Zander Insurance.

“Thank you Dave for telling me about Zander Insurance.”

2012 September 24
by zanderins

I just purchased our new insurance with Zander and secured 10 times the coverage and added renters insurance for the same price as I was paying before for less coverage.  My family now has a greater piece of mind.


Jeremy from Washington

“Thanks for making a devastating id theft experience bearable….”

2012 May 14
by zanderins

I am a recent victim of identity theft and I wanted to let you know how great it has been to work with Nikki Gordon. She took a devastating experience and made it all the more bearable. I can’t imagine trying to navigate this on my own.

I never once doubted that during my time with her, I wouldn’t be in the best possible hands.  She was prompt, thorough, and even tough with the creditors when she needed to be. She is extremely professional, yet compassionate and caring.  You should be proud to have her as part of your team, and Zander should be proud to call her an employee.


“Finally a company that can be trusted…”

2012 February 23
by zanderins

Thank you very much for your follow up and detailed explanation on things.

I would like to share how thankful I am to have been able to be introduced to your company through Dave R. Finally a company that can be trusted, just like the old days.

Please keep me posted.

– L. Trejo-Altamirano